What is the Purpose of an Intervention?

Addicts and alcoholics may come to a point where they are so tired of living with the negative consequences of their actions that they are finally ready to accept help and treatment. Sometimes, however, they may not feel ready to admit that they have a problem and it can be painful to watch them continue on their path of substance abuse and wonder when they will get help or if it will be too late. This is the ideal time for an intervention. If your friend or family member has an addiction problem but isn’t willing to accept help, an intervention is a way to approach them about their substance abuse problem and convey your concern from a standpoint of love and care. This can help to convince them that they have a problem and understand that they need to get help now. There are a couple different methods of intervention such as the Johnson Intervention Model, Invitational Model, Field Model, Systematic Intervention Model and Motivational Interviewing. Call us today to speak to someone about hosting an intervention for your loved one and how to go about it. We can connect you with an interventionist who can guide you through this tough time. We can be reached anytime at (757) 209-2703.

An Intervention is Not an Attack

Drug addiction affects everyone surrounding the addict and family and friends may have been hurt by the addict in their pursuit of more and more of a substance or in their defense of their addiction. It is understandable that there may be a lot of pent up emotions related to the addict. The purpose of an intervention, however, is to help the person who is using so that they will accept help. This is why it is important to avoid “attacking” or yelling and screaming at the person. During an intervention you will want to convey the love that you have for that person and implore them to seek help. If the person feels attacked they are unlikely to stay for the intervention or accept help from you. This is one of the reasons that it is vital to get professional help for an intervention. An interventional professional can guide you through the emotionally heart-wrenching process and ensure that your message comes across in the best light. You can call us anytime at (757) 209-2703 to speak to a professional about how to set up an intervention with the best chance at convincing your loved one to accept treatment.

Don’t Be Unprepared. Have a Plan!

When conducting an intervention for a loved one or friend it is important to have a plan. An addict or alcoholic will often deny their addiction and come up with any reason why they cannot go to treatment because they are scared to live without their coping mechanism in their drug of choice or scared of withdrawals. An intervention professional can help with this. They will discuss with you before-hand how to handle any situation or excuses that may arise during the intervention and give the best possible chance of success. It is also imperative that you have a treatment facility ready for the loved one to attend immediately after the intervention if they agree to treatment. You should not allow them to have time to change their mind! If they agree to treatment you must seize that opportunity and have made preparations. Call us now to start planning an intervention for your loved one or friend. It’s never to early to act against substance abuse. We are available any time at (757) 209-2703.