What is Detox?

When an addict or alcoholic has been using for extended periods of time the toxic drugs and chemicals make the brain think that it needs them in the body to function properly. This is why when drug and alcohol use is ceased the body goes into withdrawals as it clears the toxins out of its system and returns back to equilibrium. This process, however, can be dangerous depending on the types of drugs being used and the amount that has been used over a period of time. The detoxification process should then be monitored by professionals so that the person in withdrawals can be kept safe as they get through their tough time. Medications are often used to stabilize the addict and negate or reduce the negative effects that withdrawal symptoms can have on the body and prevent them from doing permanent damage or causing death. If you or your loved one is ceasing the use of drugs or alcohol it is important to speak to an addiction specialist and find the right program for you. We are here to help! Call us anytime at (757) 209-2703.

Dow Does Detox Help the Recovery Process?

Detox is an important part of the treatment process however that is exactly what it is: a part. It is not a standalone treatment program that will lead to lasting recovery. When detox is combined with an inpatient treatment program and aftercare plan, however, the most success is seen in long term recovery. Inpatient treatment programs are often short term such as 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. This may seem like a long time to be in treatment however most addicts use for years on end so a month or two is actually pretty short to reverse that cycle. This is why it is important to go into treatment with an already clear head so that you can absorb the tools and education that the recovering addict will need to maintain their sobriety after treatment. This is where detox can be extremely beneficial. Detox allows the person to take time to just clear their body and mind so that in treatment their focus can be on their recovery and future quality of life. Call us now at (757) 209-2703 to talk to a recovery professional about the best course of action for you or your loved one.

Don’t Let Withdrawals Stop You from Acting

One of the reasons that those with a physical dependency to drugs or alcohol hesitate to get help for their substance abuse issues is that withdrawals are a very scary process and it can seem easier to just keep using than to go through the process of withdrawing. It is vital that this does not stop an addict or alcoholic from reaching out and getting help. The sooner they get through the detoxification process the sooner they can get their life back and avoid further negative consequences like strained relationships, jail time or death. Many facilities can medically detox an individual and ensure that they are as comfortable as possible while their body rids itself of toxic chemicals and normalizes. They are there to take as much pain out of the process as possible and once you get through it you can start to live a better quality of life. Call us today at (757) 209-2703.