What are the Dangers of Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol is one of the most socially accepted drugs in the world. It is ingrained into cultures and ceremonies and is at parties, social events, sporting events, and all around us. It is no surprise that so many people suffer from dependency and addiction to alcohol. Most people don’t realize they even have a problem until their life and others around them have suffered major consequences from their abuse. Loss of job, strained relationships with family and friends, legal issues, health issues and death come hand-in-hand with alcohol dependency and abuse. A physical dependency to alcohol can cause many major health issues such as cirrhosis of the liver, nervous system damage, brain damage, heart disease, nutritional deficiencies, seizures, stomach ulcers and deterioration of a person’s psychological health and social skills. If you know someone with a drinking problem then don’t hesitate to get help. Call us now at (757) 209-2703 to speak to a recovery professional and allow us to help you or your loved one.

What Does Alcohol Rehab Entail?

Getting professional help for alcohol abuse and physical dependency is imperative as the withdrawals from alcohol are dangerous unless medically monitored and relapse is common due to the prevalence of alcohol in our culture and society. So what does professional help look like? At an alcohol rehabilitation facility you should expect to be given a physical and psychological evaluation so that the staff can create a treatment plan customized to your specific needs. As is the case with many alcoholics, some co-occurring disorder or underlying circumstance of the person’s life perpetuates the disease of addiction and leads to relapse. This is why it is recommended to attend a dual diagnosis facility where you can learn more about yourself and what causes you to feel the need to drink in the first place. There are a lot of treatment programs available but finding the right one can be a challenge especially in your time of need or when a loved one is suffering. If you or someone you know needs help then call now at (757) 209-2703 to speak to a professional that can help you find the right facility for the best chance at recovery. We’re here to take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on your recovery.

What if My Loved One Won’t Agree to Alcohol Rehabilitation

Addiction often occurs due to a need to find a way to cope with life and drinking becomes the only way that an individual knows how to deal with their feelings and the stress of living day to day. It is understandable that someone would be scared to stop even though they don’t want to use anymore. If you have a loved one who has shown a need to get help for their alcohol dependency but won’t go to rehab then you may need to plan an intervention to get them to accept help. Call us at (757) 209-2703 to talk to an addiction specialist to find out what your options are and set up an intervention immediately.