The Far Reach of Drug Addiction

Addiction and substance abuse is a far reaching problem that not only drastically affects the user but also touches the lives of everyone around them. Aside from the dangerous health effects of drug use on the user, addiction can affect the family and everyone that the addict knows as well as have a negative impact on society. Addiction can cause people to do violent and criminal things that they normally would not have the propensity to do had they not been driven by a need for more and more of a substance. Addiction can have a lasting emotional effect on not only the user but other people in their life. It is important to seek professional help if you think that you or your loved one is suffering from drug addiction. It is never too early to get clean but sometimes it can be too late. Call us today to find out how to help a loved one or yourself and avoid further negative consequences such as jail, institutions or even death. We are here for you at (757) 209-2703.

What to Look for In a Rehabilitation Center

Addiction is a very emotional issue for everyone surrounding the addict. If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, finding a treatment program with the emotional weight of dealing with addition can be tough. Drug Rehab Norfolk is here for that very reason. We want to ensure that anyone and everyone gets the help that they need in their times of trouble. There are so many different types of treatment and programs available to addicts but choosing the right one to fit the individual’s needs is something you shouldn’t have to go through alone. We can help you choose between 12 Step based programs or others including SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, LifeRing, Moderation Management, and Women for Sobriety. Other nuances of treatment programs include what types of therapies are available to their clients such as cognitive behavioral therapy, equine therapy, individual and group therapy, yoga and strength therapy and nutritional therapy. Allow our recovery professionals to help you navigate the ins and outs of picking the facility that will give you or your loved one the best chance at long term recovery and a better quality of life.

What is the Goal of Addiction Rehabilitation?

Treatments like detox and outpatient programs may be good solutions for some but they are usually only a small part of a successful recovery plan. This is because the goal of addiction rehabilitation programs is not only to heal the body and cease the use of drugs, but to heal the mind and soul so that the affected person can move past the issues that caused them to use drugs and avoid relapse in the future. Once the drugs and alcohol are out of a person’s system they have to learn how to avoid putting them back in! Most addicts have triggers all around them if they stay in their same environment and this makes it extremely difficult to avoid further drug use. For the best chance at recovery you should consider getting out of the old environment to create a safe place for the addict to focus on their recovery and stay clean through the trying times to come living clean. Call us today at (757) 209-2703 to discuss these options and see what is best for you or your loved one suffering from addiction.